"Great place to buy a camera, great customer service across the board.Staff is very knowledgeable and spent the extra time to help a novicephotographer get off to a good start."

Asher Henegar

"Competitive Camera is has been serving us for a couple of years now and has always been our go to store for all our camera equipment. Customer service is always great and I know that I am never walking out of there with something I don’t need or a product that’s junk. They are honest and upfront and very helpful."

Jasmine Balderaz

These guys are solid and fair. Good family business ethics. Fair pricing and great customer service. They will go the extra mile for their regular customers. Rare to beat prices on vast majority of product. Good knowledge base. When in the DFW area, this is your team.

Sarah Warnock

"Best camera store in the metroplex! All the photography related gear you can image under one roof. And the staff couldn’t be any more knowledgeable, helpful, or friendly. I trust their advice every time."

Lynn Rogers

"I love shopping at local businesses and Competitive Camera is a great example of the kind of service you can get when shopping local; personalservice, patient staff and expert advice. As a complete novice, the staff took the time to understand what I was looking for and offer a great setup that was affordable and expandable. I could have gone to one of the big box stores, but I never would have gotten the professional advice that I needed."

Robert Ungemach

"I made a 3 hour drive from Shreveport to visit a real camera store and purchase a Canon 6D. They answered some questions and were extremely helpful. They even offered me some tacos and an ice-cold Coca-Cola when I told them I drove from Shreveport just to buy a camera."

RP Currey

"Competitive cameras is like my other home. Their customer service is amazing and they aren’t generic which I thoroughly appreciate. I know when I come in, they will be honest with me and give me the best advice for what I need. I find that the prices are competitive and being able to rent things before I buy is a huge bonus."

Jessica Cook

"I am a novice photographer headed to Africa. I went into the store to make sure my Nikon was in the best working order and that I had all the batteries, SD cards, filters etc… needed for the trip. Eugene was busy with several very avid photographers discussing the latest new lenses for their cameras. He stopped, gave me undivided attention, suggestions and helped with a couple operating issues. In a nutshell – very knowledgeable, approachable, experienced, service-oriented team. NOTHING like being able to talk to someone about your needs in depth. Thank goodness everything hasn’t gone to BIG BOX stores!!!!"

Janell Eilers

"This store has been very helpful recommending things to my husband. We are not pros but just want to be able to take pictures of our family and our daughter playing sports. They told him the kind of lens that we would need in order to take the kind of sports pictures we wanted and when we were ready to upgrade our camera they explained that the camera I was going to get was not really one that I would be happy with (even though it was more expensive). Well thinking I knew better I had my husband get the one that I wanted and guess what…. they were right I did not like it. They exchanged it with no problems and were as nice as they could be to him. When I got some dirt in my camera recently my husband again took it in there and they cleaned it with no charge. We will continue to purchase from this store in the future."

Franki Haizlip

"When this store was in Garland I used to shop there. The owner was Ramsey and he knew EVERYTHING about photography. I think he was in the US Air Force. I was just getting into large format and he sold me his own 4×5 enlarger, even drove it to my apartment after hours in his truck!  Now days large format is probably getting obsolete with the current technology, but I still love it.  Istill have both my 4×5 cameras bought at Competitive Cameras, plus my lenses and that great enlarger, and my high-school aged son has an interest. Photography is a great art… pure reality, somewhat modified reality, total abstract reality, it’s all there with photography. Hello to Ramsey and to your family, and I appreciate your service.  Your Best seler 4×5 enlarger lives!!"

Robert Gray

"Competitive Camera is the best photography store in this part of the United States. They carry the same products as B&H Photo and often have items in stock that they don’t. The real reason to shop at Competitive is the customer service and support they give to their customers. The mom and pop feel to this store is what sets it apart from all others. They truly go the extra mile for their loyal customers. Don’t shop anywhere else!"

Sam Fleishman

"I’ve been going to Competitive Cameras for over 5 years now. They have been my primary source for my photography needs as I grow my business and portfolio.Their knowledge and inventory is outstanding. Anytime I have a purchase decision to make, I can count on Eugene or Scott’s honest and knowledgeable feedback to help guide me along the way!

I’m a Canon guy and they are my one stop shop. Great inventory, excellent product knowledge and something that I value most…I trust them. I would highly recommend this store to any photography, professional or recreational."

JP Bonnelly

"I don’t know where to start. I have been going to Competitive Camera for over 10 years. They are the preeminent photography store in D/FW. They will never sell you anything that you do not need. If you tell them what your needs are, they will recommend exactly what you need to meet them. Again, they will never sell you the “latest, greatest, most expensive” camera just to make a sell. They also do not favor one brand over another. I recently rented a lens and camera body. As I was walking to my car, several people were walking into the store and stopped to ask me about what equipment I recommended for an African safari. I simply told them to go inside, tell Ramsey or Eugene what they needed the equipment for, what their budget was and they would leave with exactly what they needed. In this day and age of ordering on Amazon or from B&H, there is something nice about being able to go to your local camera store and finding exactly what you need. Competitive Camera is that place, and it’s right here in Dallas, TX!"

Kelly Bagnall

"As a professional photographer I have to be very cautious where I buy my gear, and for me there’s no other place I’d ever purchase any camera equipment! Even when I only need to rent, the staff at CC take care of myself and all my pro friends like family! I’ve been a loyal customer for over 15 years and even if I ever move from Dallas, I’ll just call and place my orders for them to ship it to me. The only times I’ve ever experienced any issues with my camera gear is when I bought it elsewhere…. The employees and owners at this family owned and operated store are not only knowledgeable about the products they sell, but they know about the stuff they don’t sell and will educate you as to why they don’t. Not just knowledge, but fun, upbeat customer service is turned into customer satisfaction! If I could rate higher than 5 stars I would!"

Harout Yerganian

"My wife and I are amateur photographers, mostly interested in landscape and wildlife adventures. We moved to Plano 13 years ago and developed a great friendship with our neighbors. One thing we had in common was photography, the only difference is that they are leaps and bounds above our expertise. He recommended Competitive Camera and stated they were the best camera shop in Texas. The first time my wife and myself set foot in the shop they were packed with customers, but Eugene took the time to greet us and let us know someone would be with as soon as possible. From the time that Eugene waited on us, with courtesy, expertise, and more equipment than we could use in a lifetime, we were sold. We purchase all our photography equipment from Competitive Camera and cover Eugene and his staff up with questions, which they gladly answer. One other outstanding fact is that rarely have we had any equipment problems, but when we did, they are resolved expeditiously and without question. That is why we have no interest in purchasing any of our camera equipment online. Ramsey, Eugene and his staff are educators. With all this being said My Wife and I agree with our neighbor that Competitive Camerais the Best Camera Shop in Texas."

William Blue

"I’m a professional music photographer, published locally in Dallas as well as nationally. I have been a customer of Ramsey and Gene for many years. All my gear comes from here for one very simple reason: They stand behind everything they sell, without question.

As a working pro, thingshappen; lenses break, cameras get dropped, and their knowledgeable staff has been there every time to make sure I’m geared up and ready for every shoot. I cannot imagine taking my business anywhere else. You can’t go wrong with Competitive."

Brian Ullrich

"I have been buying and renting from Competitive Cameras for several years. The best word to describe my experience with Competitive Camerasis “trust”. I have learned that I can trust their recommendations before purchasing equipment, and that I can trust them to handle any problems I have with equipment. It would be more convenient for me to order online, but the advice and service I get from the staff at Competitive Cameras makes it worth the effort."

Lisa E

"Competitive Camera of Dallas is my only go to for all my photographic needs! Not only is their in store stock incredible, but the customer service is impeccable. The Service representatives are 5 stars themselves with a knowledge base of just about anything in their field of expertise and so very pleasant to deal with. I have NEVER had a bad piece of advice or less than pleasant encounter with any of the personnel. That is a huge reason why I shop and return to competitive camera anytime I need service,information, or equipment. They make my business as a photographer/videographer (Texas Red Productions and Photography) run without complication."

Melissa Arnold

"LOVE, love, love this store! They are always so very willing to help and never make me feel stupid for asking! I had been going to a store inArlington and then found this. Certainly my new favorite camera store!"

Dori Overman

"Competitive Cameras is my go to place for photography equipment.The customer service is excellent and Eugene always remembers who I am and is there to make sure you have the best experience whether it is buying equipment,seeking advice, or making things right with faulty gear. We are very fortunate to have such a great camera store in Dallas. Thank you everyone atCompetitive Cameras!"

Martha V

"As a Competitive Cameras customer for 20+ years, I would like to commend Competitive Cameras for its excellent customer service. In addition,the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Over the years I have purchased numerous cameras. Competitive Cameras is a full service shop for the amateur as well as the professional photographer. With the demise of most camera shops in the Dallas Metro area, Competitive Cameras is the “go to” for all of my camera needs."

Cheri Gross

"when I have equipment issues they do whatever they can to minimize my expense for repairs. I’ve priced lenses and cameras online and it is either equal to or less than most online competitors. I have bought 4 lenses and 2 cameras from them to date and keep returning. Such amazing service – I am a customer for life."

Courtney Jones

"Competitive Cameras has been my ‘go to place’ for cameras and accessories for several years because of their knowledge, service and willingness to help. An upcoming trip to Africa (which has severe weight limitations for luggage – including cameras & lenses) caused me to seek their advice on the best camera and lenses to take. Without hesitation they recommended a mirrorless camera & three lenses. However, their expertise didn’t stop there. They willingly and patiently helped me learn the many new features. Eugene, Scott and Ramsey truly care that their customers not only have the correct equipment to meet their needs but that they also know how to operate and maximize their features. On a couple of occasions they arranged for the manufacture’s representative to help me with photography techniques and nuances. This kind of customer service is priceless and deeply appreciated in today’s world. My thanks goes out to everyone at CC."

Pam Jaudes

"This is my go to shop for anything I need for my photography business! I LOVE that they offer complimentary lessons when you purchase equipment. When I bought my flash, the associate took almost an hour of his time with me reviewing it. Other camera shops charge $100 an hour for something like this. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and always willing to help! Competitive Cameras is the best camera shop in Dallas, hands down."

Corrie Barto

"I have been going to Competitive Camera for a few years now. I have always had great service and yesterday was no exception. I went for advice on how to best use the settings on my camera for “Friday Night Lights” where you encounter darkness, fast moving subjects, and bright stadium lights, etc. The advice was so helpful, and as a result, the photos from the football game look great!

I also purchase items at Competitive Camera which I need (as an amateur) for a well-equipped camera bag. The store is well stocked and always has everything I need. A monopod was my most recent acquisition and I love it! Competitive Camera’s staff are professional, helpful, knowledgeable, and patient."

Thayer O’Brien

"It was about 25 years ago when I first visited the “old” location in Garland. I was introduced, by your very proud father, to this 12 year old “bespectacled kid”. It was soon very apparent that you knew more about taking photographs and photographic equipment that most (if not all) of your customers. You were quite awesome! For the past 25 years you have given me and my company outstanding service and advice on our photographic needs. I remember a time (although I doubt you offer this service today) when, “on your way home” you delivered a new camera, and at another time a few supplies to my office in Richardson! You have carried on the great service, competitive prices, for which you father became so famous. Best wishes and thanks for all those years of help and assistance."

R. Craig Jerner

"I recently sent Competitive Camera a certified bank check for ~$23,000 to order Nikon’s finest (the~$6,000+ Nikon D5 camera and the ~ $16,000+ Nikkor 800mm FL ED lens). After reading a forum post about the exemplary service provided to someone I knew, who bought the Nikkor 500mm f/4 PF from CC, I decided to telephone the owner and ask him about these elite Nikon products. Eugene offered me a better deal than the ‘very famous NYSuper Store’ I had previously used for going on two decades, so I pulled the trigger and made the purchase, sending a bank check forthwith.

Both products were sent to me promptly, and were packaged beautifully, and expertly, with obvious care and consideration. Upon opening the boxes, my desired equipment was delivered to me in pristine condition and both functioned beautifully. If you check my stats, I don’t write many reviews. That said, what I can tell you is, if you are a serious person, who wants to buy serious photography gear, you cannot do better than Competitive Camera. As someone who values both his time, and his money, both will be spent with CC the next time I intend to make a serious purchase."

John A. Koerner II

"These guys are awesome! Their prices are great and their service is outstanding. I purchased a Canon 70D and two lenses just before we took a two week vacation to Italy. During my vacation, my camera malfunctioned. When I brought it back to the store they diagnosed the problem and immediately gave me a new camera body and sent me on my way, very happy. I was afraid I was going to have to box up my camera and ship it offshore somewhere for weeks to be repaired. They didn’t even ask to see the receipt, because they remembered me. I would recommend the store to anyone."

Steve Thomas

"I was referred to Competitive Cameras thru a friend of mine. I normally online shop for items that I want because I’m always shopping for value. Once I went there one time and did business with Eugene, I was hooked. He is so knowledgeable and treats you with so much respect. It’s not like other stores and you walk in and they act like they’re doing you a favor. I even referred a very good friend to them and he was hooked as well. I live in Ft. Worth which is 30 miles from the store but I will not hesitate to make the drive to the store. Thanks for being great at what you do."

Gary Allridge

"I’ve been coming to competitive for nearly ten years and without a doubt these guys are the most helpful and experienced in DFW. If they can’t fix my problem, they know someone who can and are happy to refer you. They even had my film camera that I thought was toast repaired and fully functioning in less than an hour. I’ll be a customer here for years to come."

Nick Glover

"I am very pleased to have recently discovered Competitive Cameras. Everyone is very knowledgeable, pleasant and very helpful while being respectful of the customer’s needs without any up selling. The amount of selection is impressive as are the prices, equivalent to Internet prices and on some products better. To have a source of equipment locally including actual feedback, recommendation and advice at great prices, as well as availability of rental equipment is invaluable. Thankyou Eugene, Ramsey and Robert, I greatly appreciate your good-natured professionalism and patience."

Ken Hansen

"Great customer service! The team at Competitive Camera is always willing to help answer questions and give practical advice on investing in camera gear. They have been my go to shop as I grow my photography business. Wonderful to work with and always very welcoming!"

Mallory Shelton

"I have always found Competitive Camera most helpful for all my photographic needs, from rental to purchasing of camera equipment. The experience and knowledge of the large range of brands they keep in stock, by all the staff, is exceptional. They have always gone that extra mile for me. Their rental equipment is always in excellent condition and trustworthy."

Trevor Kobrin

"Excellent service... both when buying the camera and then again when coming back into the store with questions a couple of months later. When buying, they actually down sold me rather than trying to upsell me. And, the camera they steered me to turned out to be exactly what I needed."

Gerald Meinecke

"This place is so outstanding! I have been renting/purchasing gear from them for about 15 years and every experience has been phenomenal. The staff is informative, efficient and helpful. The prices are totally reasonable. I have not been steered wrong a single time!

And if you are really lucky, you might show up on a day when they are sharing a sheet of fresh baklava with their customers! 😋 Love these folks!"

Evan Stone

"We’ve been going here for years and everyone who has ever helped us has expertly led us in what was right for us and our business, not what was right for them and their bottom line.They know their stuff and are always open about the best tech out there. I am a customer for life!"

Julie Orosco

"This place is without a doubt the best camera shop in Dallas. I’m so happy I purchased my camera here. I’ve been in multiple times since with questions, and they’re always incredibly helpful. Eugene in particular is exceptional. He’s always so nice and patient. That would never happen at a Best Buy! This is the only store I will ever go to for camera equipment!"

Mary Margaret Spies

"I have been doing business with Competitive Camera for about 6years now. The entire team is fantastic! Eugene, Ramsey, and Scott have guided me through the stages of novice photographer to fairly accomplished. They always have the latest equipment and are VERY competitively priced. You feel like family when you come in, and no matter how crowed the store is they always find time to make you feel important!!"

Floyd Ainsworth

"These guys rock! If you have ANY camera needs, this is your place. They are quick with their service and unbeatable with their knowledge on cameras! I purchased my a 6500 here and constantly come back for lens rentals because they are just that dynamic. It feels like I have a team that is there when I need them. Would definitely 10/10 recommend! Thanks guys!!"

Lupe Lopez