More Power of Small w/ the Profoto B10 PLUS - Just Announced!

More Power of Small w/ the Profoto B10 PLUS - Just Announced!

June 4, 2019

More Power of Small w/ Profoto B10 Plus


One of the biggest issues you'll have when shooting on location happens before you even arrive; How much gear to take. Too much and you're weighed down by lights and cables -take too little and you might not be able to deliver the images you'd hoped for.That insight drove Profoto to create two seriously small lights; Profoto B10 and B10 Plus. The B10 Plus is the most powerful of the two. Ten times more powerful than a speedlight in a package that's similar in size and weight to a long camera lens, so it easily fits in any camera bag. Not only is the B10 Plus powerful, small, lightweight and easy to take on location; it's flexible too. The integrated continuous light, with a wide range of light output from bright to gentle, means you can shoot both stills and video. And the adjustable color temperature makes it easy to blend the light from the B10 with the ambient light.Light shaping tools exist to help you be more creative with light. With the Profoto B10 Plus you can use any tool from the lightweight OCF family or select from over 120 light shaping tools available from the full Profoto range. So no matter what mood or feeling you want to create -you have the tools to make it happen.Ease of use has always been a priority for Profoto when designing their products. As a result, you'll find a clean and minimal interface that makes The B10 Plus easy to use straight from the box. The battery is quick and easy to switch in and out, and you can also charge it while it's in use. And the stand adaptor can be removed so it can be mounted on both camera tripods and light stands.You can trigger and control the B10 Plus from any Profoto Air Remote, or from the Profoto A1/A1X. Connect to the Profoto app and you can view and control all the settings from your smartphone screen, experience creative capture with your smartphone, and download all the latest upgrades.Quick Features:

  • 500 watt seconds ( 2x the power of the B10 & 10x the power of your speed light)
  • TTL & HSS compatible with the Profoto TTL & Connect remotes
  • 200 Full Power Flashes per charge for the B10 Plus - Fully charge the battery in 90 minutes with the 3A charger

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