Join this free virtual session from Steve Ball, Olympus educator, to learn how to take your bird photography up a notch. Steve will review bird photography fundamentals, tips to improve your images, and how to look at your images with a critical eye so the next time you are out in the field you’ll see improved results.


Steve Ball is an Olympus Educator residing in the Pacific Northwest, where he found his love of bird photography while working for Olympus as a National Account Executive. Steve photographs all types of birds; both trained/education birds and birds in their natural environment.

"While everyone loves a picture of a beautiful bird perched on a branch, a more dynamic picture of a bird, say, taking flight or coming in for a landing with full wing spread, is the real keeper.

These types of shots have always been difficult to take, as you had to predict the bird’s activity in order to get the shot. Fortunately, for these types of situations, Pro Capture Mode makes it easier..."

This will be an online Zoom meeting. Zoom meeting information will be sent to all registered attendees via email on Friday, August 7th.

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