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Competitive Cameras – Holiday Gift Guide for 2015


Competitive Cameras Holiday Gift Guide – Gifts under $50


Manfrotto Pixel – Mini Tripod – $24.95

Tripods are often essential to best capture landscapes with the beautiful light found near sunrise and sunset or when   capturing the hustle and bustle of the city. The Manfrotto Pixel Mini Tripod gives you the stability and saves on the size and weight of a larger tripod. We always have this gem in our bags when we are on the go.


Camera Cleaning Kit – $24.95

A dirty lens on a vacation or a photo shoot can be a real drag! I always carry a small cleaning kit in my bag with a small bottle of cleaning fluid(2 Fl Oz) and a soft microfiber cloth. Spray a small amount of cleaner on the cloth and wipe the exterior of lenses. Do not use this on your camera as the sensor and mirror both require a special cleaner to ensure that the camera is not damaged. As an added bonus, the small bottle of lens cleaner meets the 2 Fluid Ounce requirement to fly in your carry on gear.

Peak Design Clutch Handstrap – $39.95

Peak Design’s Clutch handstrap quickly gives any camera a comfortable and safe grip without the need for a large bulky strap. As an added bonus, you get a quick release plate that works with both the Manfrotto and Arca-Swiss style quick-release plate systems in the box.

Clutch Strap

Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket – $15.00

Memory cards are essiential and losing them isn’t an option. The Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket stores 9 SD memory cards and I can keep them in my back pocket. Some solutions are that simple.

Pixel Pocket Rocket

Tether Tools Iphone Mount for Tripod –  $14.95



We will have more gift ideas coming soon – check back on the blog to learn more!